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For a tropical and challenging safari, come and hunt with us for your choice of free roaming Wild Polynesian Boar, Hybrid Sheep, and limited hunting is available for Wild Eland, Wild Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) and Wild Oryx.

Wild Sheep TrophyNiihau Safarishas the exclusive hunting rights on the 72 square mile island owned since 1864 by one family. Only recently has hunting been permitted on this private Hawaiian island. The Polynesian boar and hybrid (feral) sheep are abundant. It's a wonderful opportunity for a hunt while on your Hawaiian vacation. Hunting is available year-round, guns can be provided and trophies prepared and shipped. Families are welcome!

Hunting has been a way of life on Niihau Island since the first Polynesian settlers brought pigs to the island centuries ago. Today's decendants of those pigs are essentially unchanged from the first introduction, making the boar on Niihau unique trophies. Wild Boar on Niihau Island

When the ancestors of the present owners purchased Niihau in 1864, they introduced sheep to the island. The owners and residents have hunted the pigs and sheep for food for many generations using mostly ropes and knives.

In recent years, the populations of these animals increased to unacceptable levels. Mass hunting was started to control the feral sheep and pigs: thus Niihau Safaris Ltd. was born.

The owners of Niihau formed Niihau Safaris Ltd. to implement programmed harvesting of sheep and pigs to prevent further damage to Niihau Island. Hunts with Niihau Safaris give hunters the opportunity to enjoy good trophy hunting while simultaneously participating in a program of useful harvesting of game.

At Niihau Safaris, we are dedicated to the principles of good game management, fair chase hunting, and support good game management around the world. We, the game managers on private land, and you, the hunter, work as a team to harvest the right number and type of game in as efficient and humane a manner as possible. Hybrid Sheep Trophies

We work hard to achieve results, and expect the same from our clients. Hunting on Niihau is done according to the principles of free chase. Game is plentiful and hunters are certain to get an opportunity to shoot, but it is not an easy hunt. Shooting and stalking skill is required and tested to the utmost. The clients should come expecting a challenge.

ALL HUNTERS ARE WELCOME. We encourage a variety of hunting ages and abilities, including youth and family hunts. Additionally, due to the unique nature of the island, those who are handicapped may inquire for special arrangements.

Hunts orginate from the island of Kauai.

Daily Hunting Rates are as follows:

  • $1950.00 per day each hunter, 4 hunters maximum
  • Aoudad - $2700.00 for the trophy fee plus $1950.00 per day for hunt
  • Eland - $3700.00 for the trophy fee plus $1950.00 per day for hunt
  • $ 120.00 per person rifle rental
  • $1300.00 per day hunting spouse
  • $1000.00 per day for minor (with hunting parent)
  • $ 700.00 per day per observer, 3 observers maximum

All parties are limited to 5 individuals except by special charter and Family rates are available for 3 or more immediate family members, regardless of age. sample of the terrain

This Daily Rate includes:

    Boar Trophy
  • One Polynesian Boar
  • One Hybrid Sheep
  • Round Trip air transportation to Niihau
  • Transportation on Niihau
  • One Guide
  • A skinning crew
  • Lunch, snacks and cold soft drinks and juice
  • Packing and skinning of animals
  • Trophy care in the field
  • Boxing of horns and skins for taxidermist
Wild Eland on Niihau Island

You would be responsible for hotel accomodations and transportation on Kauai, all other meals, taxidermist and the cost of shipment to a taxidermist. (We can ship the trophy to the taxidermist for you). If additional animals are desired, it can be arranged.

For more information about our safaris you can call us toll free at 1-877-441-3500 or contact us by e-mail.